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Swimming stomach pain spasm pain

2022-07-04 06:09Budapest Swimming World Championships
Summary: Why is your stomach uncomfortable when swimmingOne is the relationship between water pressure. If you don't adapt, you will feel uncomfortable. Second, the water temperature will cause more blood t
Why is your stomach uncomfortable when swimming
One is the relationship between water pressure. If you don't adapt, you will feel uncomfortable. Second, the water temperature will cause more blood to flow to the skin, and less blood to the intestines and stomach, resulting in cramping pain and discomfort.Swimming stomach pain  spasm pain Third, the stomach itself is sick, swimming will aggravate the condition, naturally uncomfortable. Fourth, there may be other reasons. If it is not for the above reasonsWhat's the matter with stomachache after swimming? What about stomachache after swimming
Take norfloxacin, norfloxacin, norfloxacin orally immediately. It is estimated that the water is unclean and the stomach is bad. (E. coli in swimming pool water generally exceeds the standard, so drinking too much will spoil your stomach)
Why does the stomach ache when swimming
Swimming on an empty stomach or going into the water immediately after a meal has a high probability of abdominal pain. There are also abdominal cramps caused by excessive tension and emotion. So please pay attention. It is not suitable to swim in the water within an hour before and after meals. Another thing is to relax ~ ~ ~ as for stomach pain after drinking the pool water ~ ~ ~ the pool water is actually disinfected, mediumWhen swimming recently, my stomach hurts very much. Why is it like this? How to alleviate
So before swimming, you must be prepared for warm-up. If the warm-up preparation is not sufficient, your internal organs will also follow your body during vigorous underwater exercise, which will produce some discomfort. For examSwimming stomach pain  spasm painple, stomach pain. When you go down to the swimmiSwimming stomach pain  spasm painng pool, the water in the pool will be very coldSwimming, breath retention, headache, stomachache, what is the reason
3. Insufficient ventilation and long-term breath retention in the water increase the venous pressure in the brain, which indirectly leads to increased brain pressure and headache. It may also be that the shore preparation activities are insufficient, or the fierce swimming at the beginning makes a large amount of blood supply to the limbs, causing head ischemia and headache. 4. As for stomachache, I didn't get ready before swimmingAfter learning to swim, your tummy will hurt. How is it that it won't hurt when you go the next day
In addition, pay attention not to swim immediately after meals, and people with chronic diseases should be treated in time. If you have stomachache when swimming, you can only slow down the swimming speed, adjust the breathing rhythm up and down in the water, and then press the pain with your hand, the pain will be reduced or disappear. If the pain is still not relieved by the above methods, stop swimming and have a restWhy does your stomach ache when you swim
I analyze two possibilities: 1 Hunger. Swimming is very physical, and it is inevitable to feel uncomfortable when swimming on an empty stomach. 2. Swim too fast and breathe with your mouth. Body fatigue, inhaling too much cool air through the mouth, resulting in tingling or swelling pain in the abdomen. In addition, don't swim in too cold water, otherwise you will cramp; Don't swim fullDoes your stomach ache faintly after swimming
1. Didn't get ready for swimming. When swimming, internal organs can't adapt to the needs of intense exercise, resulting in many abnormal reactions, including stomach pain. 2. The heart function cannot quickly keep up with the needs of swimming, and the blood reflux of the great veins is blocked, resulting in temporary congestion and swelling of the liver and spleenWhat about stomachache when swimming
<& gt; 6. Pain caused by some neurological reasons& lt;& gt; In order to prevent stomachache during swimming, make full preparations before swimming so that internal organs can better adapt to the needs of swimming. The speed of swimming should be gradually increased, and the rhythm and depth of breathing should be mastered to prevent respirSwimming stomach pain  spasm painatory disorders and organ hypoxia. Often adhere to swimming exercise, so that
Swimming stomach pain spasm pain

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